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The Ingeteam Group leads the wind sector with its technologies

The Ingeteam Group leads the wind sector with its technologies

The technological development of the Ingeteam Group in the wind energy sector allows for the supply equivalent to the consumption of millions of households, a new record which has been achieved due to its main role in the supply of wind energy converters and wind generators and the operation and maintenance works performed throughout the world.

The company is the main independent supplier of wind energy converters in the world, with a delivered power of 50 GW. The wind division of Indar (Ingeteam Group) is leader in its segment and has provided some 22,000 wind generators, which are equivalent to 38 GW power, and equipment for the energy evacuation to the grid in 389 substations. In addition, it has 9 GW of wind power maintained, and it is leader in LATAM and Spain, in the latter more than 1,500 wind generators maintained.

Ingeteam entered into the wind sector in 1995, working on the development of variable speed machines. It was the first manufacturer to launch DFIG converters in the market. 25 years later, this technology remains the majority standard in the sector. At the beginning of this year, Ingeteam launched its latest innovation, a new generation of wind energy converters developed for high power DFIG applications in the range of 6 to 8 MW adapted to the needs of the most stringent network codes. The supply of converters is based on its agile and localized manufacturing strategy, which allows for the flexible supply from cutting-edge production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, constantly complying with the highest level quality standards in the sector.

Thanks to the experience acquired since 1940, Indar has a wide range of wind generators developed from its own technology. The work performed in this period has placed it in the leading position both in the Spanish  and in the international market. The presence stands out in the American market of the Indar generators, as it is the only independent manufacturer with local production in the United States. To date, 2,600 generators have been supplied in the United States, which are equivalent to 9 GW and new platforms have been confirmed for the coming years. In addition, as part of the company's strategy, solutions are being developed which are consistent with the requirements of the Asian market.

Only in the last year, the Ingeteam portfolio has been awarded and/or has renewed six major contracts for the operation and the maintenance of more than thirty wind farms in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, Chile and Mexico. These new projects represent a power greater than 3.4 GW. Furthermore, 30% of the wind energy of Spain, and 40% of the Mexican wind energy is evacuated due to the Ingeteam automation technology in the connection substations, which is present in 389 substations.