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Ingeteam takes part in the NEOSUB research project

Ingeteam takes part in the NEOSUB research project

Ingeteam is participating in the NEOSUB research project, whose aim is to further the development of electrical substations with ecodesign criteria, giving users, engineers and equipment manufacturers competitive advantages in two key areas: cost and sustainability.

Ingeteam's R&D project “The Ecodesigned Electrical Substation: Efficiency and Sustainability” has been co-funded by FEDER and the Basque Government.

In this project, Ingeteam is contributing protection and control equipment and cabinets with ecodesign and sustainability criteria. The aim is to evaluate and reduce their environmental footprint, focusing on the product's complete life cycle, improving electrical efficiency, increasing the length of the external battery, eradicating the use of materials that have a high environmental impact (such as lead and varnishes) as well as reducing the impact of packaging and managing waste.