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New range of equipment for electrical distribution systems

New range of equipment for electrical distribution systems

Ingeteam launches its  INGEPACTM DA PT protection range with arc detection sensors.

The equipment can be connected with up to 4 sensors which can be either longitudinal or punctual. The arc detection relay operation can be supervised by ultrafast overcurrent units which prevent incorrect operations. 

The operating times achieved by the equipment in tests are between 1 and 3ms if an expansion card with fast outputs is chosen. If current supervision is enabled, the time is between 2 and 6ms. The technology used makes it possible to detect optic fibre breakages activating an alarm.

The number of sensors to include in the equipment can be selected using the commercial code;  it is possible to choose sensors up to 30 m (punctual) and 70 m (longitudinal).

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This launch complements the DA PT protection family, equipment which is widely used both in primary and secondary substations and which includes the latest protection and communication technology  (IEC 61850 ED2, DNP 3.0, MODBUS, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103…).

Protection with electrical arc detection

Voltage measurement equipment
Voltage sensor

Ingeteam launches its resistive divider-based voltage sensor range for gas-insulated switchgear and general applications for 36kV grids. This range is compliant with EN 61869-1:2009 and EN 61869-3:2011.

BPL coupler for 36kV

They permit broadband communication via the power cable up to 36 kV. Designed to be easily installed in GIS cable connectors.


For more information: Isaac Becerra Urrutia | PGA - Manager, Technical Back Office