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Ingeteam is to take part in Pablo's Challenge

Ingeteam is to take part in Pablo's Challenge

Ingeteam is to support the Pablo's Challenge event organised for the 5th October this year and consisting in the Non-Stop MTB (mountain bike) ride along the 650 kms between Barcelona and Albacete. This initiative is one of the schemes that has won a sponsorship in the "Follow Your Dreams" contest organised by the multinational GAES, in which José Luis López Cabezuelo, the protagonist of this sports challenge, will receive 3,500€ to achieve this feat, an amount that will be put to a good cause. The money will go to research into Neuroblastoma through NEN (the Association of Friends and Relatives of Patients with Neuroblastoma).

To do so, Ingeteam, in its commitment to persons, is to collaborate in Pablo's Challenge by providing the pick-up car that will accompany José Luis along the 650 km route, and by making a financial donation through the NEN Association.

The seed of this Challenge was planted a year ago, with a question asked by 2-year old Pablo, who has been diagnosed with the children's cancer named Neuroblastoma and is the son of José Luis: "Dad, why have we stopped going to mountain bike races? This question became the "seed" of the MTB sports challenge ElRetoDePablo (Pablo's Challenge). The route starts in Barcelona (where Pablo received the last part of his treatment) and ends in Albacete (where all the family come from) and is to be made NON STOP (that is making as few stops as possible) on a mountain bike.

A challenge that transmits values of effort, achievement and solidarity, with the bike playing a leading role. All these values are strongly in line with Ingeteam's DNA and the company didn't think twice about joining in this Challenge and supporting little Pablo through its policy of corporate responsibility, thereby confirming its commitment to the communities in which it operates, returning to the public much of what it receives.