Commissioning works in Iboundji Hydro Power Plant

Commissioning works in Iboundji Hydro Power Plant

Ingeteam Power Technology’s  commissioning engineers continue equipment installation in Iboundji hydroelectric plant.

The Power Plant Automation Department of Ingeteam was awarded a contract to supply Control and Electrical Balance of Plant for Iboundji Hydro Power Plant. This plant, located in the center of the African country of Gabon, uses two horizontal Francis turbines to generate energy from the water of Woubou river.

One of the big issues of this project was the requirement from the customer to work in isolated grid function. Due to the fact that the plant is located in a remote area, without good grid connections, the installation has to regulate grid’s voltage and frequency values, in order to supply stable electricity to the adjoining communities.

The contract was signed for the turn-key supply of control and electrical systems, which basically consisted in the following.
  • Control and Protection Panels
  • SCADA 
  • Medium Voltage Cells
  • HV Outdoor Substation
  • Power Transformer
  • Station Services Transformer
  • AC/DC Switchgear
  • Charger and batteries
  • Power and control cables
  • Lighting and power installations
  • Diesel unit

Control and Protection Panels, Ingecon Hydro FullControl model, include IC3 Programmable Logic Controllers, manufactured by Ingeteam, which control and monitor the quality of generated energy (frequency and voltage) and regulate outgoing power in function of demanded consumptions. PD300 and PL70TT protection relays, also manufactured by Ingeteam, have been installed for generator and transformer protection.

Work on project began in 2013, and commissioning is expected to conclude at the beginning of the 2016.