Ingeteam presents the RAPID 60, its latest electric mobility innovation

Ingeteam presents the RAPID 60, its latest electric mobility innovation

  • The RAPID 60 is Ingeteam's new 60 kW fast charger model.
  • Capable of charging a single vehicle at 60 kW or two vehicles at 30 kW simultaneously.

Ingeteam, in its firm commitment to provide equipment that contributes to the decarbonisation of the planet, will be presenting at The Smarter E - Intersolar - Power 2 drive and at EVS36, its new range of RAPID 60 chargers, for fast charging, 60 kW, to meet the potential of the most demanding vehicles. They have been designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance in terms of power management, communications, reliability and efficiency.
The main design premise has been to achieve a silent equipment, to enable its installation in enclosed or urban spaces, in addition, it has a retractable cable management system for greater convenience of use. It is a technologically advanced unit that has credit card readers, parking sensors and Plug & Charge technology, without forgetting dynamic power management between the unit's outputs, between multiple DC and AC units, as well as dynamic balancing with the rest of the loads in an installation.

They are compatible with CCS, CHAdeMO and AC T2S standards. This charger makes it possible to harness all its power for a single vehicle or to distribute it simultaneously to three vehicles. 

The new RAPID 60 is a solid and robust charger, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, thanks to its galvanised steel or stainless steel construction. 
The result is a compact, quiet, lightweight and elegant unit with a modern design and simple lines. The absence of rear ventilation slots allows it to be installed against a wall, or with another RAPID 60 back-to-back to maximise parking space in urban areas.
The unit has a 10.1" multi-language touch screen, dual Ethernet ports with switch mode, as well as RGB LEDs indicating the unit's status on both hose brackets and on the unit's crown.
Optionally, it can be equipped with a contactless bank card reader, 4G, connector locking and the cloud manager system.