Complete traction system for high speed vehicle

How do we manage a challenging  project ? A team of experts in different areas and the power and control technologies developed by INGETEAM have been key.

The video shows the details on how we have designed , validated and supplied the traction system for the High Speed vehicle AVRIL , manufactured by TALGO. The vehicle goes through dynamic tests right now. 


Availability and energy efficency , together with other requirements are the key to design the traction chain, who is composed by 2 traction converters, 1 transformer and 4 traction motors on every power head.
INGETRAC traction converter is configurated through the optimal configuration of high powered modules, featuring latest power and control techolologies developed by INGETEAM.

Manufacturing. INGETEAM supplies  state-of-the-art converters for railways traction  manufactured on a new production plant, with the latest production p`rocesses and quality tests. 

Equipment Validation and Traction System Test. We validate each critical component on our laboratory, to guarantee design requirements accomplishment.

We also test, on our own felectromobility laboratory, the complete traction system, simulating the operation real conditions, We will also certify the standards accomplishment (IEC).
Assembly and commissioning. We assembly and verify the equipment installation . During the final phase of commissioning we will give support during the dynamic testing that will assure the security ans fonctionalities of the vehicle. 

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