Ingeteam, capable of providing over 6 million people with solar energy

Ingeteam, capable of providing over 6 million people with solar energy

The technology manufactured by the Ingeteam Group allows for the supply of the equivalent to the consumption of over 6 million people, population greater than countries like Norway, Costa Rica or Denmark, thanks to its commitment to solar photovoltaic energy and the continuous development of technological improvements oriented to this sector.

The boost given by the company to the solar photovoltaic energy sector in recent years and which increases year after year, has allowed it to reach 16 GW of power installed throughout the world. Ingeteam has since 2001 been providing photovoltaic inverters for solar plants from its factory located in Navarra. In addition, it has 8.1 GW of solar power maintained, distributed in 568 solar farms in 17 countries around the world, becoming one of the main service providers for the solar sector in Spain and leader in LATAM.

Its technology is present in some of the world's main photovoltaic facilities, like Sweihan PV Plant, one of the largest plants in the world, located in Abu Dhabi with 1.2 GW. Plant where it also provides operation and maintenance services.

In addition, the evacuation of the energy from the solar plants also uses equipment manufactured by Ingeteam. 180 photovoltaic parks and 10 thermosolar plants, with a total of 5.7 GW, are evacuated through substations controlled with its technology in 13 countries, highlighting the Solar Villanueva plant, the largest in Mexico with 754 MW.

Ingeteam's penetration is also significant in markets like Spain, Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa (Leader on the African continent), and countries with high growth potential due to the large amount of power installed and under construction, like Brazil or Australia, among others.

Ready for compliance with EU Regulation 2016-631

Ingeteam has recently implemented the necessary functions to meet the different transpositions into the EU countries of the EU Regulation 2016-631. The bureaucratic and legal requirements are being considered in each Member country, to obtain the certificates required in the target market of each product. Some of the certified standards for the products which require this are: the Technical Conformity Monitoring Standard (NTS) for Spain, VDE AR N4110 and VDE AR N4120 for Germany, CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 for Italy, ENA-EREC G99 for the United Kingdom, Belgium Elia Requirements for Belgium, Codé RfG Requirements for France and EN 50549-2 for countries which have not implemented a standard. Ingeteam has certified its range of the Ingecon® Sun Power B Series central inverters, its Ingecon® Sun EMS Plant Controller, as well as its Ingecon® Sun 1Play TL M self-consumption inverters.