SMM 2018 – Hamburg

SMM 2018 – Hamburg

Ingeteam Power Technology & Indar (Ingeteam Group) will disclose their full range of frequency converters, generators and electric motors at SMM 2018. You can schedule a meeting with us at booth #B6.325 here.

Generator, Frequency Converters &  Electric Motors; Our contribution to your vessel system.

More than 600 vessels across the world are powered by Ingeteam technology through frequency converters and electric machines (motors and generators).

INGEDRIVE is the family of low-and medium-voltage frequency converters designed and manufactured by Ingeteam.

INGEDRIVE is available with powers from 250 kW to 40 MW, and voltages from 400V to 6.6kV, offering robust, reliable and long-lasting equipment. Their modular design allows them to cover a wide range of powers and voltages, while their intuitive structure makes them easy to use and maintain.

Furthermore Indar is a leading electrical rotating machine manufacturer with a remarkable long experience in the field of electric propulsion for ships and energy generation in vessel plants.

Indar delivers generators and electrical propulsion (main and auxiliary) and azimuth motors to the offshore segment, ferries and ongoing vessels, suction dredgers (world leader in submersible motors for driving dredging pumps), research vessels, etc. As a technology leader Indar´s AC silent propulsion motors are the top notch in advance vessel main propulsion.