Ingeteam achieves DNV certification of its Merging Unit

Ingeteam achieves DNV certification of its Merging Unit

Ingeteam certifies its INGEPAC EF PB Merging Unit in accordance with IEC 61850-9-2 LE. 

INGEPAC EF PB is Ingeteam’s family of SAMU (Stand Alone Merging Unit) equipment. The equipment acquires conventional transformer currents and voltages (CT and VT), and converts them into digital values, transmitting them to an Ethernet network, also called a process bus.

The data is published as Multicast Sampled Values (MSV), complying with the IEC 61850 9-2LE) standard.

Merging units do not only notably reduce expenses derived from conventional cabling (installation, maintenance, etc.) but also permit access to captured information from any IED connected to the network, quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Additionally, INGEPAC EF PB allows you to include I/O modules that allow the station bus’s IEDs to interact with primary devices, thanks to GOOSE transmission/reception in accordance with standard IEC 61850-8-1.

For more information: Isaac Becerra Urrutia | PGA - Manager, Technical Back Office