Ingeteam's technology applied to new generation hybrid electric vessels

Ingeteam's technology applied to new generation hybrid electric vessels

Ingeteam supplies the complete electrical plant and automation system for Texelstroom, a new generation hybrid propulsion ferry owned and operated by Teso in the Netherlands. 

Texelstroom is a new-generation electrical hybrid propulsion ferry (CNG/Diesel and Batteries) built for Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO). 
The ferry operates between Texel island and Den Helder, in The Netherlands.
The strong tidal currents and frequent gale force winds in this area, along with the strict time schedule to be adhered to, implies big load variations to the propulsion system.
The electrical plant has been designed to provide the highest reliability and at the same time an eco-friendly operation.
The vessel is propelled by a Dual Fuel System with CNG. Furthermore there is a Hybrid propulsion system with Battery Packs to shave of the peaks in energy demand on board. Solar panels are responsible for about one half of the Hotel function. 

Ingeteam, as responsible Electrical Integrator for this project, has performed the engineering, manufacturing, project management, commissioning and service of the Complete Electrical Generation and Distribution plant as well as Automation, Control and Monitoring systems, including:

  • INGESHIP Integrated Automation System: 
  • Main Automation System.
  • Power Management System (PMS).  
  • Energy Management System (EMS). 
  • Remote Access System (RAS). 
  • Main switch boards.
  • Distribution transformers.
  • Ingedrive frequency converters.
  • Indar generators and motors.

 The frequency converter achieves the fundamental function of interconnect the batteries and the engines, controlling power demand and charging processes. 

Electric power flow controlled by EMS/PMS

EMS provides the integration of batteries and frequency

The Multidrive System it is the key element managing the vessel´s efficiency:

  • AFE rectifier controls the consumed power by the drive. 
  • Static Converter feeds the propulsion switchboards.
  • Main inverter controls the propeller´s motor.
  • DC/DC Charger charges and discharges the energy to or from the battery.

Another key element on the vessel is the EMS which provides the best control platform for the hybrid technology. The integration between the Frequency Converters and Batteries has been done in order to achieve the following main goals:

  1. Increase fuel economy. 
  2. Lower greenhouse emissions and noise levels. 
  3. Reduce engines maintenance cost. 
  4. Obtain higher Energy efficiency.
  5. Increase operation reliability and safety. 

Ingeship-EMS´ software controls and monitors the vessel’s power supply. At the same time it manages the Energy supply from the different available power sources in real time (Main diesel and CNG Engines, batteries and solar panels). 

The EMS provides different operation modes:

  • Peak shaving.
  •  Generator power level steadiness.
  •  Generator power variations are allowed and ramp-controlled in order to achieve dynamic peak shaving that optimizes the usage of batteries.
  •  Power boost.
  • Spinning reserve. In the event of a main Engine/generator loss:
  • Propulsion is not affected as the main propellers remain supplied by batteries.
  •  Blackout is avoided. High speed frequency sensing in the frequency converters along with AFE’s power flow inversion capability allows to supply Energy to MSB from the batteries.
  •  Shore connection capability for battery charging:
  • Battery charge mode while loading between transits.
  • Night charge mode for battery charge while docked.
  • Other operation modes:
  • Vessel operation fully electric mode by batteries. 
  • Vessel operation on diesel. 
  • Vessel operation on CNG.

Through INGESHIP Remote Access System, Texelstroom is ready to be supervised, controlled and to perform maintenance of the automation systems from any place with an internet connection and the correct access rights.
The technical staff in charge of maintenance, can access the equipment (INGEDRIVE, INGESHIP-EMS, HMI systems) over the internet securely and simultaneously to perform maintenance tasks.
This solution provides technical personnel a complete view of the status of the installation at any time and also allows preventive maintenance to be carried out on board, ensuring a safe and efficient voyage to Texelstroom.

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