Containerized energy storage systems for hybrid solutions

Containerized energy storage systems for hybrid solutions

Ingeteam offers turnkey energy storage systems ready to hybridize electric powered vessels, both on retrofit and new built vessels.
This solution increases the efficiency, flexibility and safety of a standard AC powered vessel, providing great benefits as:
• Increased power plant availability, maintenance reduction, greater engine operational life, emissions reduction.
 Economic benefits such as fuel consumption reduction, lower OPEX and longer maintenance cycles.
Ingeteam’s Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is a compact solution to be installed in a standard AC power plant.
This solution is suitable for electrically driven vessels where the power plant availability requirements are very tight such as during DP mode, navigation on emission controlled or zero emission areas or simply to increase efficiency during low demand.






The standard equipment delivered in the BESS container is:
 Dual connection Shore/MSB.
 AC/DC drives.
 Cooling and ventilation.
 Fire protection.
 Control system, including EMS.

Ingeteam’s BESS provides the following functionality:

 Peak Shaving
 Dynamic Boost Power/Enhanced frequency regulation
 Load Balance for enhanced power plant stability (Load Sharing)
 Fixed load/Optimal rate of load change mode for engine fuel consumption reduction and optimal efficiency
 50/60 Hz Shore connection
 Spinning Reserve/UPS
Full electric operation mode (zero emissions)

Technical Specifications

1. Batteries
 Energy capacity 700 kWh
 Battery type Lithium ion
• Cooling Air or fresh water
• Battery life 10 years

2. Frequency converter
• Rated Output up to 2,200A
• Cooling Fresh water 

3. Container
• Dimensions 6,050 x 2,862 x 3,100 mm (20 feet container)
• Mass with equipment 22,000 kg
• Cooling Fresh water
• Ambient temperature range -20°C / +45°C 
• Internal climate control Air to water heat pump
• Safety equipment Smoke detectors, manual alarm
• Firefighting Inergas Flooding

 EXPERIENCE APPLYING POWER CONVERTERS: 40 years of designing converters for different applications endorses Ingeteam with the experience needed to guarantee the reliability of the Ingeteam’s BESS.

 OUTSTANDING REFERENCES: Both in pilot and commercial projects.

 OPTIMISED FOR EACH APPLICATION: Greater performance obtained from the specific design based on the specific purpose.

 MODULARITY AND PORTABILITY: Size (power/energy) easy to relocate in modules.