Ingeteam completes construction of the ArcelorMittal galvanized line in Brasil

Ingeteam completes construction of the ArcelorMittal galvanized line in Brasil

Ingeteam’s Industry Division has completed the construction of the continuous galvanizing line for ArcelorMittal in the Vega do Sul factory in southern Brazil (state of Santa Catarina). Over the course of two years, a team of more than 100 professional has worked on the design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of this line. Delivered in the turnkey modality, this line is currently in full operation with satisfactory results in terms of production and quality. Additionally, after commissioning, a complementary contract has been signed between both companies for operational assistance (operation and maintenance) for this line.
The work performed by Ingeteam covers all facets of this kind of project: conceptual and construction design, equipment manufacturing, on-site assembly and construction and commissioning of all electric and mechanical equipment supplied by Ingeteam. It is a processing line with a high degree of production automation, which places ArcelorMittal at the cutting edge of technology, since it incorporates the latest advances in the state of the art of zinc/galvalume galvanizing lines.
Throughout the entire project, this client’s high demands in terms of quality, safety and the environment have been taken into account; this has allowed Ingeteam to go beyond mere compliance with Brazilian legislation on these matters, particularly in the fields of safety and environmental impact, during the construction work and subsequently throughout the facility’s duty life.
After having successfully completed all technical guarantee tests, commercial production began immediately, with the first coil being processed in April, and acceptance of production facilities having been given in June.
It should be emphasized that this is the first production line, of these characteristics, that ArcelorMittal has in Brazil for producing galvanized steel coils with coatings of pure zinc or a zinc-aluminium alloy (galvalume). With the latter finish, greater protection is attained against corrosion of the steel, simultaneously facilitating the subsequent process of painting the material. This galvanized line firmly establishes ArcelorMittal Vega’s cold rolling plant as a great industrial focal point of flat carbon steel production in southern Brazil.
The iron and steel multinational has entrusted its construction to Ingeteam, which has carried it out with the support of its engineering affiliate in Brazil. Moreover, Ingeteam has counted on a great number of domestic suppliers and manufacturers, from the electric and metal sectors, to carry out this project fully guaranteed.
The contract signed for operational assistance and maintenance for a minimum period of six months, from acceptance of the facilities, will reinforce the attainment of the production and quality expectations set by ArcelorMittal. It includes the possibility of being extended in the future, in keeping with the needs of the global steel manufacturer.