Indar manufactures hydraulic equipment for a facility in Taiwan

Indar Máquinas Hidráulicas, which has received the order this year, is completing the manufacture of eleven submerged pieces of equipment for a Taipei Water Department facility located in Taiwan. This equipment will allow drinking water to be supplied to the people of Taipei.

The order consists of nine inverted-execution pumps and two horizontal pumps. Their powers will range from 700 HP to 1,000 HP with voltages of 3,300 volts. The pumps will be sent to three pumping stations: SongShan, JungHo and TaTung. The flows to be pumped go from 50 to 86 cubic meters per minutes. Through this pumping, differences in elevation of up to 45 meters will be overcome. The witness tests will be carried out on the Indar test bench in Beasain, in the presence of the SGS Tecno certifying agency.
This order is the result of a great work effort with the client and is great news, given the difficulties of this market.