An Indar-propelled vessel wins the Best Vessel in Europe 2010 award.

An Indar-propelled vessel wins the Best Vessel in Europe 2010 award.

The super-mega, 132-cabin yacht, Le Boréal, fruit of the expertise of the Italian Fincantieri shipyard and designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel, has been voted the best new vessel in Europe by the European Cruiser Association (Eucras). The vessel, which belongs to the prestigious French company Compagnie du Ponant, is designed to cover exotic routes for the top end of the market with destinations including the Turkish Islands, the Amazon River, the Greek Islands, etc.

Indar has delivered the two main propulsion motors for this vessel.  These motors are part of the "silent propulsion" range, featuring extremely low noise and vibration emission, in line with the company's expertise in special applications.  Both the marine systems integrator and the shipyard have entrusted this application to Indar, given its experience in designing and manufacturing silent motors compliant with the ICES No. 209 specification; Indar has delivered several such units designed for oceanographic vessels for different shipowners.

The AC motors have a power rating of 2300 kW, a voltage of 660 V and rotary speed of 191 min-1, allowing the vessel to sail through waters in which the protection of the fauna is essential (the Amazon River for example). Likewise, Indar has delivered the same equipment for L'Austral, the sister vessel of Le Boréal, which has identical features and is designed for the same use.

Equipped with the latest technology found in world of modern navigation, the vessel can accommodate up to 264 passengers, is 142 metres long and covers a speed of 16 knots.