New SCADA Systems in Iberdrola Hydropower Plants

Ingeteam Power Technology has successfully upgraded several Hydropower plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, owned by the Spanish energy utility Iberdrola.

The Power Plant Automation Department of Ingeteam was awarded in the beginning of 2015 a contract to supply new SCADA Systems for 17 Power Plants. These hydro plants, located in the north of Spain, house Francis turbines with a capacity from 1 MW up to 4,5 MW per turbine. Total upgraded power capacity is 46 MW.

The supply included hardware, software, system design, algorithm development, system configuration, documentation and training. The system used for the new HMI is the INGECON HYDRO Manager, an Ingeteam developed platform found on the Ingesys IT SCADA System largely used for hydro plants.

The INGECON HYDRO Manager, software based on OPC client/server technology, includes a 1024 variables database (SQL Server), 128 variables Historical Data Server, Alarms and Events Server up to 1000 alarms, and a Reporting Module, which can export reports to an Excel file.