• Steel Plants

    Steel Plants


Our automation engineers are specialists in the implementation of proven and cost-effective solutions, adapted to the needs of steel producers. Ingeteam Industry offers systems integrated in all the automation levels, covering the entire production chain, for new installations as well as for the revamping and extension of existing plants.   Our extensive experience in drive systems, process control, process optimization, expert packets and plant logistics, combined with our constant emphasis on research and development, form the basis for providing decisive improvements in product quality, performance (yield) and feasibility of the plant.

- Supply of modular automation packets designed with standardized interfaces 
- Application with the most advanced software tools based on expert systems.  
- Solution-oriented services, covering the entire life cycle of the supplied automation systems. 
- Electrical and Automation Systems

Ingeteam Industry designs systems and applies automation and control solutions for the industrial sector, mainly steel manufacturing processes. The below mentioned electrical and automation solutions are directed at achieving the aforementioned objectives:

- Complete electrical equipment, medium voltage switchgear, transformers, motors, motor control centers, control panels and desks, field devices, etc.   
- Basic Level 1 Automation, including PLC control system and operation and monitoring HMIs in local and global topology networks (Ethernet).  
- Level 2 process automation, with advanced product control, quality assessment, production optimization, etc.  
- Execution of specific functions: Automatic sequential operation for the different section of the production line (coil loading, centering of coil, cutting, etc.).  
- Calculation functions (width, diameter, radius, thickness, length, coil positions, follow-up of welding points, etc.). 
- Closed loop regulation functions (elongation, position, temperatures, gauge, etc.) 
- Monitoring and alarm generation functions. 
- Connection with other plant levels and plant operators. 

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