We present the new range of RAPID chargers. 60 kW equipment designed for fast charging

The new RAPID 60 is a solid and robust charger, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, thanks to its galvanized steel or stainless steel construction. The result is a compact, quiet, lightweight and elegant unit with a modern design and simple lines.

The absence of rear ventilation slots allows installation against a wall, or with another RAPID 60 back to back. The main design premise has been to achieve a silent equipment. In addition, it has a retractable cable management system for greater convenience of use. This equipment is technologically advanced for its time, with credit card readers, parking sensors and Plug & Charge.


Charge status indication via RGB LEDs

10,1" color touch screen, multi-language

Cable with spring retractable cable

Simultaneous charging of up to 3 vehicles

Galvanized steel enclosure (standard) or stainless steel (optional)


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