Designer and manufacturer of the new INGECON HYDRO PROControl for hydropower plants

Discover all its advantages

  1. Offering customized solutions for the supply of electrical equipment, the automation of new hydropower plants and
    the up-grading of existing plants. All the electronic equipment and software have been specifically developed for
    these applications, resulting in a high-quality end product that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual
  2. Ingeteam offers the following product range:

    1. Integrated Control Panels. INGECO HYDRO Full Control.
    Control and protection cabinets that include sequende control grid, synchroniser, turbine governor, voltage regulator and electrical protections.
    2. Battery Bank
    A secure DC power supply for equipment that is sensitive to plant power outages.
    3. Auxiliary Services Panel
    AC and DC distribution cabinets to power electrical loads.
    4. MV Cells
    Equipment for the correct and safe transmission of the energy generated by the turbine-generator set.
    5. SCADA
    Control and monitoring hardware and software, comprising the man-machine interface with the power plant equipment.
    6. Substation
    An installation designed to step-up the voltage generated at the plant to the grid voltage level through a power transformer.

    7. Balance of Plant
    Auxiliary equipment for powerplant like cables, trays, diesel group, lighting, fire alarm, etc.

  3. These products are all tailored to suit the requirements of each particular customer, in line with Ingeteam’s core values: 
    Customer orientation, service and flexibility.


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