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The Global Wind Summit (Hamburg, 25-28 September) is where leaders will set the agenda and chart the key trends in the wind industry. It'll give you the knowledge and contacts to fully understand what's happening in the industry in Europe and globally, to navigate your way through current challenges and opportunities.

Let Ingeteam make your business more successful and see how you can advance your business and increase your competitiveness with our wind power converters.

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Wind Power Converters

Ingeteam offers low and medium voltage power converters, optimized for DFIG and Full Converter topologies. The wind power converters are specifically designed to fulfill the strictest grid codes. Air cooled, air/water cooled solutions for harsh environments.

Ingeteam DFIG 2MW

Nowadays, 8 MW turbines are in operation and the 10 MW bar will soon be overstepped, but this is just the beginning. 

Ingeteam, as an independent power converter manufacturer, understands the challenges that are driving this offshore industry. Therefore, a robust medium voltage power converter based on the parallelization of several conversion lines reaching up to the 15 MW power range has been developed, focusing on a market that demands a low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) without compromising quality or performance in wind turbine platforms that are continuously scaling up. The power conversion line designed by Ingeteam offers the best investment/availability ratio.

Find out how we can produce cost-effective solutions, with increasingly efficient operation, easy maintenance and improved reliability. Come and visit us in Hall A4 at Stand 313!

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Ingeteam’s Global Footprint

To sustain its competitiveness in the growing global market for wind energy, Ingeteam continuously optimizes its global footprint to meet market demand across regions.

We currently have manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and sales and service centers strategically located all over the world to deliver the most efficient and specialized support and service to you.

Ingeteam Wind Global Footprint

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Ingeteam’s Quality and Standards

Ingeteam works hard to set the industry standard for excellence among electrical component suppliers. The company is proactive in leading industry practices and certifications.

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Reasons to contact us

Ingeteam is a complete solution provider. We design, develop, manufacture and provide electrical equipment for wind turbines, offering a tailored solution to meet the client’s highest standards and every project’s requirements.

Ingeteam provides ongoing support throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and design to production and testing, commissioning and after-sales services, technical training and support.

We are flexible. We can meet your project needs through flexibility in designs and R&D solutions, always with the objective of minimizing the LCoE and optimizing the reliability of the equipment.

We can supply equipment from any of our production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, applying the same standards and know-how. We can also deliver the most efficient and specialized support and service to you from our sales and service centers strategically located all over the world.

We follow a Policy of Continuous Improvement for ongoing review and evaluation of our processes and procedures.

Thanks to our extensive product range and experience acquired through multiple business sectors, Ingeteam is a global market leader in wind turbine electrical conversion equipment.