• Cumulative power 1,154 MW

    Cumulative power 1,154 MW

The supply of the following Low Voltage equipment, as either fixed, modular or draw-out:
-    Power Distribution Boards of up to 690V (CGBT)
-    Motor Control Centers (LV MCC)
-    Panels for lighting, tracing, pushbuttons and local control.
-    LV Starter panels. (direct, with variable speed drive, and progressive).
-    AC/DC LV Distribution Cabinets.
-    LV Auxiliary Panels.
-    Energy Metering and Charging Panels.
-    Capacitor Bank for reactive power compensation.
-    Battery rectifier and charger units and DC batteries (24-125Vdc).

On customer demand, Ingeteam can supply to the following standards:
-    IEC 60204-1
-    IEC 61439-1.
-    IEC 61439-2.
-    IEC 61439-3.

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