Ingeteam launches a new software platform for self-consumption systems

Ingeteam launches a new software platform for self-consumption systems

Ingeteam has entered 2014 with the launch of INGECON® EMS Tools, its new software platform for monitoring and configuring self-consumption systems. This tool, which is now available on the Ingeteam website for free downloading, allows users access to all the production, consumption and storage data for the installation with real-time information on the self-consumption ratio being achieved. Yet an even more innovative feature, is the possibility of connecting and disconnecting some of the loads.

Thanks to this new Ingeteam application, self-consumption system proprietors can now get real-time information on the amount of energy being produced by their system, the amount of electricity being consumed from the grid, the battery state-of-charge and the percentage of energy production either being stored or discharged for own consumption. What's more, users are offered the possibility of obtaining much more efficient consumption strategies by controlling the connection times for some of the loads in their system, to allow these loads to operate at times when the greatest amount of energy is being generated.
Access to all the system information, and the configuration of the various consumption strategies, is through the INGECON® EMS Tools software which directly communicates with the INGECON EMS® Manager installed in the actual self-consumption system. The INGECON EMS® Manager is responsible for managing all the elements present in the installation at all times.

Furthermore, this new INGECON® EMS Tools software has also been tested with the addition of a battery energy storage system, obtaining some highly satisfactory results. This type of system is now being regulated in many countries in the world, and it is believed that they will grow significantly in the coming years.

With this initiative, Ingeteam once again shows that it has the technology required for the installation of self-consumption systems and for the perfect management of these installations through software applications, offering users a wide range of possibilities when deciding on the most efficient energy consumption strategy.


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