New EtherCAT module for the INGESYS IC3

New EtherCAT module for the INGESYS IC3

The INGESYS IC3 control system adds a new module to its communications interface range for integration as an EtherCAT network slave node.

An EtherCAT network is based on ETHERNET RT and allows for data to be exchanged between devices at times of under 5ms.

Two types of communications are possible:

  • Data I/O communications: Cyclical communications for real-time data exchange. The different slaves are assigned to a master node that, in turn, species the slave refresh time
  • Communications by messages: Acyclical communications between the master node and the slave that do not require real time, to load parameters and diagnostics information

 The main features of the new module are:

  • EtherCAT slave function
  • 2 RJ or M12 ports
  • 100m between 2 stations
  • 100Mbit/s transfer speed
  • ESI file with unit description for integration into bus master node
  • Module status, network status, data transfer LEDs
  • Temperature range from -40 to +70ºC
  • Height 2000m
  • Humidity up to 95%, no condensation
  • Regulations: CE, EN50155, EN45545-2


Ricardo Galdiz Valdovinos | Automation Devices Director