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INGEREV CITY Wall (discontinued product)

The INGEREV® CITY Wall charging station features an attractive design, whilst it vandal-proof and weatherproof rating means that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


This charging station is equipped with a power outlet that is compliant with the IED 62196-2 standard, permitting vehicle recharging in Mode 3 of the IEC 61851 international standard, for a guaranteed safe charging process. It is also fitted with an additional power outlet for charging in Modes 1 and 2.


Available in either a single-phase or three-phase version, with a maximum current of up to 32 Amps per phase, with a maximum power output of 22 kW. This makes the charging process as much as 6 times quicker than through a domestic socket, achieving charging times of less than 2 hours for most vehicles.


The INGEREV® CITY Wall charging stations are equipped with a cable retention and locking system to prevent removal by unauthorised users.


In the event of a power failure, the INGEREV® CITY Wall charging stations have a mínimum run time of one hour, guaranteeing cable retention during this time, until new user identification.  They are enabled for remote communication with a control centre, offering the possibility of monitoring demand and setting charging rates, either through Ingeteam's prorietary software or integration in third party control centres.





Installation manual for Ingerev communication accessories (multi-language)

INGEREV Web Manager user manual (multi-language)

Installation and operation manual for INGEREV CITY models (multi-language)

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