Ingeteam is expanding its portfolio of services with the opening of its first multi-brand and multi-sector repair centre

Ingeteam is expanding its portfolio of services with the opening of its first multi-brand and multi-sector repair centre

  • Thanks to this repair centre, located in Albacete, Ingeteam's present component reconditioning capacity will be increased fourfold.
  • With these facilities, Ingeteam will provide customer support throughout the entire value chain, offering considerable savings with regard to costs, raw material consumption and CO2 consumption, by applying the circular economy principles to its component repair and reuse process.
  • Ingeteam has become the first global ISP (independent service provider) with a multi-brand repair capability.

Ingeteam has taken yet another step forward to become a leading company in the circular economy, with the opening of a new repair centre that will have the capability to repair, restore and reuse multi-sector and multi-technology components (Wind, Solar, Power Plants, Hydro&Water), directed at reducing costs and giving a second life to materials.

Thanks to its extensive experience, Ingeteam Service has become a leading company for the key actors in the international energy sector. With a business model distinguished by its capability to deliver multi-technology services with a multi-brand scope, the company provides innovation throughout the entire value chain.

In turn, the company has been performing in-house repairs on components for the last five years and is currently repairing different elements for the projects in which it provides operation and maintenance services, offering the said provision of services on customer demand. However, Ingeteam is now expanding its scope even further and, with this centre located in Albacete, its current capacity to recondition multi-brand components will be increased fourfold. Furthermore, Ingeteam also conducts the in-plant fault analysis of each component and develops in-house improvements directed at increasing the useful life.

Although this new multi-brand repair centre is exclusive, given that it is the first one to deliver a multi-sector and multi-technology service, the company also has other converter repair centers in Spain, Brazil and India, and a further two dedicated to generators and pumps, located in Spain and the USA.

Contribution to the 0 emissions target

Ingeteam, which already repairs all types of products: electric, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic, has already repaired more than 1,000 components since it first started out, representing a significant reduction in CO2.

This component reconditioning service, which serves to give them a second life, strengthens the position of this Basque company as a leader in the circular economy and highlights its contribution to the EU targets for 2050.

The creation of this centre will have a direct influence on the reduction in CO2 consumption, a target sought by Ingeteam and its customers alike, being one of the premises that serves to differentiate the company. Furthermore, this is also a factor in improving the OPEX of projects, by considerably reducing the cost of components in contrast to their new value.

Ingeteam Service is a customer-oriented company, focused on providing excellent service based on ongoing collaboration. This starts by identifying and understanding each customer's specific needs and this close contact is then maintained throughout the entire project lifecycle, thereby ensuring maximum productivity and, above all, in optimal conditions in order to extend the plant's operating life as much as possible, through the use of state-of-the-art predictive maintenance technology.