Ingeteam traction converter validated on shock testing

Ingeteam traction converter validated on shock testing

TF800.1 Traction converter for EMU, based on INGETRAC Medium power has passed the EN 61373 Shock and vibration tests for rolling stock equipment. This is a relevant milestone for the  traction converter based on 3-level topology. 

This converter has been configurated  for a project of 7 multi-voltage EMUs, manufactured by Polish PESA.  On-roof converter based on medium powered basic modules, configurated with all necessary elements to be fully operational on a multi-voltage vehicle. Modular design and diagnosis tools will optimize maintenance activities.

Cooling:  Liquid
Inverter Topology:  3 Level Topology
Max. Power:  » 1,1  MW
Auxiliary rated /peak power:  200KVA / 250 kVA (400 VAC) Integrated

Based on INGETRAC Medium Power