New INGEDRIVE MV500 with maximum power density

New INGEDRIVE MV500 with maximum power density

Ingeteam launches the new INGEDRIVE MV500, after an extensive redesign phase at its high power electronics laboratory in Zamudio (northern Spain).

Responding to the demands of our clients, who seek to increase the efficiency of their processes and reduce the physical space occupied by frequency converters which control so much power, Ingeteam has developed the new INGEDRIVE MV500 with a power density of >1 MVA / m3, becoming one of the frequency converters with the highest power density on the market. Specifically, it can manage a power of 11.5 MVA in a cabinet only 4 metres wide.

The MV500 series belonging to the INGEDRIVE family which was launched in 2007, is composed of medium-voltage converters with a three-level NPC topology incorporating water-cooled IGCT semiconductors. These converters are designed to control both synchronous and asynchronous motors in high-power, dynamically demanding industrial and marine applications. Each power module controls an output current of 2,020 Amps at 3.3kVac in motor terminals, being able to control electrical machines up to 44 MVA.


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