• Automation


Automatização de embarcações

We provide Integrated Automation Systems (IAS), for all types of vessels, with the following functions:

  • Power Management System (PMS). Integrated or independent system.
  • Alarm system.
  • Alarm extension system.
  • Dead-man’s  alarm and engineers calling system.
  • Monitoring and control of auxiliary systems (valves, pumps, fans, etc.).
  • Standby of pumps.
  • Ballast automatic control system 
  • Control of anchors.
  • Tank level monitoring 
  • Safety system
  • Special automation systems:
    • Dredging systems
    • Lateral aggregate dumping/pumping/hopper system

Our system incorporates a fully redundant architecture:

  • Redundant network
  • Redundant processors (hot standby)
  • Redundant SCADA servers (hot standby)

Allow us to obtain a high level of safety and comply with the most demanding requisites of customers and classification societies.

Moreover, we supply high quality control desks, for navigation bridges, the ECR and processes (loading, dredging, etc.), compliant with the main safety and ergonomic requirements.

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