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Distribution automation

Ingeteam offers a wide range of products and solutions with the latest technology for electrical distribution grids, within the context of developing smart grids.

The products developed by Ingeteam in this area are designed to facilitate and control electrical services optimally, guaranteeing energy supply to end users in different urban or rural areas.

At the same time, they help to meet the varying demands that electrical companies require of small energy producers who need to connect themselves to the grid.

Distribution automation controllers

Recloser and sectionalizer controller
FTU for distribution lines, pad mounted switchgear and RMU

Feeder control and  multifunction protection relay

IEC 61850 remote input output module

Voltage sensors and PLC couplers

Voltage sensor for gas-insulated switchgear

PLC coupler for gas-insulated switchgear

Voltage sensor for air and pole-mounted switchgear

Ingeteam PGA References

Summary of the presence of Ingeteam Power Grid Automation products around the world

Magdalena II

Case study - Containerized solution for the 34.5 / 230 kV Magdalena II substation

Jasper PV Plant

Case study - 132/22 kV substation control system for Jasper PV power plant (South Africa)


Case study - 800 MW photovoltaic complex in Spain, the largest in Europe

PGA Catalogue

Products and solutions for Power Grid Automation

Distribution Automation Catalogue

Global view of the solutions and product ranges for Smart Grids

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