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Ingeteam will supply equipment for Iberdrola's STAR project

Ingeteam has obtained a contract to supply supervision equipment for the Iberdrola Group's STAR project (grid automation telecontrol system) medium-voltage grid.  This project, which targets the smartgrid sector, will equip [AD1] 10.3 million meters and approximately 80,000 transformer substations with telecontrol, supervision and automation capabilities, facilitating the integration of distributed generation, the mass deployment of electrical vehicles and improved electrical consumption efficiency.

In specific terms, Ingeteam's scope of supply includes latest-generation electronic equipment and voltage measurement sensors in transformer substations. This equipment will enable the supervision of distribution [AD2] transformer substations, including fault bypass detection and the transmission of collected data to the telecontrol centre for handling and analysis. Through the application of technological solutions and their implementation in distribution grids, Iberdrola's STAR project enables the realtime supervision of events in the electrical grid, permitting the detection of any type of anomaly, increasing energy circulation and improving supply quality due to fewer and shorter incidents.

With this order, Ingeteam reaffirms its commitment to the development of innovative solutions in the sphere of smartgrids and confirms its active participation in this project, since it is the second supervision solution contract obtained in the last three years. In this project, Ingeteam will also supply electronics solutions for automating overhead switching elements, supervision solutions and medium-voltage switchgear automation solutions in compact or modular configurations.


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