Ingeteam exceeds 36% market share in the US wind power sector

Ingeteam exceeds 36% market share in the US wind power sector

  • The company has to date equipped 55 GW of generators, converters and control systems for the US wind power market with its technology, representing a 36.55% market share.
  • Ingeteam has a production plant in the United States of almost 7,500 sqm with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3.7 GW for the wind power market.


Ingeteam remains committed to wind power, where it is a global technology leader. Thanks to its firm commitment to the diversification of its manufacturing activity, the company has to date equipped 55 GW of converters, control systems and wind generators for the US market with Ingeteam-Indar technology, representing a 36.55% market share, which the American Clean Power Association (ACP)(1) estimated at 150,455 MW in its latest annual report.

As a result of this commitment and of its customer orientation, in 2009 the company decided to bring its production capacity to the American continent to improve its value proposition in the American market, opening a production centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it produces its technology and offers Ingeteam, and third-party product life cycle-related services close to their final installation site.

Its American factory, which started operating in 2011, manufactures and distributes its wind power generators in the United States, shortening delivery times, optimising logistics and transportation costs, reducing its carbon footprint, boosting local employment and maintaining Ingeteam's quality standards, making it the leading independent global supplier to the wind power sector and the only generator and converter manufacturer in the country for the wind industry. This factory also enables it to provide a more agile and closer service to its customers for repairs, spare parts, training, technical support and high value-added services for its own and third-party (multi-brand) products.

According to the ACP's 2023 annual report, wind power technology accounted for 31% of all power installed in the States over the past five years for Utility-Scale projects, only exceeded by solar technology, but far exceeding other conventional technologies such as natural gas or coal.

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 (IRA) strongly boosted the renewable industry. Thanks to this initiative, 408 GW of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage systems are expected to be constructed in the US over the next 7 years. Of these, onshore wind power will account for 23%, growing from 7.5 GW in 2024 to 16 GW in 2030, and offshore wind totalling 14 GW in 2030.

The company has been active in the wind power industry for over 27 years and committed to the internationalisation of its factories for 25 years, to better respond to the demand for its power electronics and rotating machine technology and services worldwide.

To meet the needs of its customers globally, the company has manufacturing facilities on every continent. In addition to its factory in Milwaukee, it has others in Spain, India and Brazil, where it manufactures and supplies wind power converters and generators, with an annual production capacity of over 21 GW, and where it provides its strong range of after-sales services. Ingeteam is also preparing its first assembly line for electric vehicle chargers at its factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since it began operations, a total of 80 GW of wind turbines have been equipped with Ingeteam technology globally, making the company the world's number one independent solution provider to OEMs, utilities and asset owners in the wind power sector.

Ingeteam is currently preparing to attend the CleanPower trade fair, which will be held in Minneapolis from 6 to 9 May. The company will be present to showcase its technological expertise and its broad range of services associated with its products. Visitors can book an appointment online via this link.