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Datalogger System for Train Monitoring and Maintenance

Datalogger System for Train Monitoring and Maintenance

INGESYS™ RCM is a remote condition monitoring solution that allows to capture and log operational data on the various elements of a train for subsequent analysis in a remote and cloud based Maintenance Center using advanced monitoring and analysis tools.

It is designed to improve preventive maintenance of assets on a train with the aim of increasing train availability and operational cost reduction. 

Following main characteristics can be highlighted:

  • Data acquisition from a wide range of communication networks and fieldbuses in the train
  • Data acquisition from physically connected signals
  • Communication interfaces and input signals configurable by the user
  • Wireless interfaces with remote central servers
  • Powerful monitoring and analysis tool based on latest technologies
  • Railway standards for rolling stock compliant

Easy integration in train control networks is possible thanks to its wide range of communication interfaces:

  • Ethernet based networks with real time protocols like ETHERNET IP/CIP, TRDP, PROFINET, etc.
  • CAN, MVB, RS485, etc. fieldbuses
  • File transfer to central monitoring servers based on SFTP over 3G, 4G, WiFi networks

INGESYS™ RCM is compliant with standard EN50155 and EN45545 for rolling stock systems in the railway sector.

Ricardo Galdiz Valdovinos | Automation Devices Director