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Ingeteam equips Talgo's new High Speed vehicles

Ingeteam equips Talgo's new High Speed vehicles
  • Ingeteam is supplying TALGO with the electric traction systems for 30 AVRIL trains, reaching speed of up to 330 km/h.
  • The converters are produced at Ingeteam’s factory in Ortuella (Bizkaia).


Talgo has selected Ingeteam to supply the electric traction systems for 30 High Speed and multiple voltage trains that TALGO is manufacturing in the Basque Country, specifically at its plant in Rivabellosa (Álava). These vehicles will be homologated for services in Spain and France, and will reach commercial speed of up to 330 km/h. The first vehicle is currently undergoing on-track tests.

The contract includes the design of the system and the supply of 120 high-power traction converters (2.4 MW), located on board, as well as the additional equipment (motors and traction transformers) that compose the traction system of the 60 tractor units. In this project, which has been a significant technological challenge, the traction system supplied by Ingeteam will bring significant advantages to the vehicle in terms of space, weight and efficiency. The design has also been conceived with the ease of maintenance activities in mind. Each vehicle is equipped with two tractor heads and its propulsive power of 9.6 MW, equivalent to 13 formula one.

The converters will be manufactured at Ingeteam's plant in Ortuella (Bizkaia), which was inaugurated at the end of last year and is at full capacity.



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