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INDAR HE/H electropump set

The INDAR SP HE Series Submersible electropump set consist of a single-stage axial centrifugal pump, and an ISM MF electric motor that share a single shaft.

The INDAR ISM MF electric motors are submersible, asynchronous, three-phase, squirrel cage rotor types.

The pumps with axial flow, single stage and single inlet have opened multi-channel impellers which allow large free ball passage.

The electropump sets for installation with shroud H are equipped with a cooling shroud which allows the circulation of the pumped water inside of it. The cables once outside the unit are protected, preventing these from coming into contact with the pumped water.

The electropump sets for installation with shroud H are installed suspended from the discharge piping.

On the other hand, the units for the removable HE installation are installed supported on a bracket located in the discharge pipe. An O-ring is used to separate the discharge side from the suction side.

The INDAR SP HE series are heavy-duty units specially designed for pumping urban and industrial wastewater and raw water.

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