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    Steel Plants

Electrical and Automation Systems for Continuous Casting Plants

We supply level 1 and 2 automation electrical equipment for Continuous Casting machines (billet, blooms, beam blanks, slabs). The supply covers:

• Electrical equipment for motor drives and motors control.  
• Synchronization of withdrawable machines’ motors in multi-motor drives.  
• Basic Level 1 Automation, including control PLCs and operation/display HMIs in local and global topology networks (Ethernet).  
• Level 2 (process) automation, with advanced product tracking, quality assessment, cooling water control, cut to length. 

Control of technological functions: Like:

• MLC – Mold Level Control, acting on withdrawable machinesd, dummy or slide gate bar. 
• TLC – Tundish car steel level control 
• MWC – Mold width control. 
• Break-out Control – Mold temperature control, break-out prediction. 
• Control of weights in ladle turret, tundish car,  product. 
• Measurement of temperature and O2 activity in liquid steel. 
• Optimized billet tracking up to the marking machines. 

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