• 8 GW of PV power installed worldwide

    8 GW of PV power installed worldwide

  • Photovoltaic energy

    Photovoltaic energy

A three-phase central inverter family, with rated powers ranging from 610 to 1,637 kVA. UL 1741 compliant for the US and North American markets.

These high-efficiency PV inverters feature the highest power density in the market -5.34W/in3, for its 1,500V version-. They have been designed to contribute to the quality and stability of the electric system, implementing several grid-support functionalities. They feature low-voltage ride-through capability and they can deliver reactive power even during the night. They also control the active power delivered into the grid.

Latest generation electronics

The B Series PV inverters integrate an innovative control unit that runs faster and performs a more efficient and sophisticated inverter control, as it uses a last-generation digital signal processor. Furthermore, the hardware of the control unit allows some more accurate measurements and very reliable protections.

Maximum efficiency

Through the use of innovative electronic conversion topologies, efficiency values of up to 98.9% can be achieved. Thanks to a sophisticated control algorithm, these PV inverters can guarantee the maximum efficiency depending on the PV power available.


Ingeteam offers two different B series inverters to choose from: 1,000Vdc and 1,500Vdc.

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