• Cumulative power 191 MW

    Cumulative power 191 MW

The energy sector of Pine Instalaciones y Montajes is specialized in:
      • Design and construction of electrical substations and transformation centres.  
      • Electrical assembly in generation plants.

Construction of substations

The experience of Pine in this sector, allows the construction of substations and transformation centres of all kind, and all levels of voltage, in EPC mode or within independent scopes of management, supervision, engineering, supply, construction of electrical equipment, assembly, tests, commissioning and maintenance. 

The main activities carried out are:
      • Basic engineering and detailed engineering in the following disciplines: electromechanical,
        civil works, structural, measurement equipment, control, protection and communications. 
      • Enlargement of substations.
      • Replacement or adaptation of the systems of protection, control, measurement and
      • Replacement of the main equipments, switches, disconnectors, transformers of
        protection and measurement...
      • Enlargement of power. 
      • Replacement or modification in auxiliary equipment, switchgears, DC rectifiers, electrical
      • Legalization of installations.

Assembly of genaration plants

Pine Instalaciones y Montajes has long experience in electrical assembly, renovation and automation of all kinds of generation plants, such as:
      • Thermal power plants 
      • Wind farms
      • Photovoltaic plants
      • Cogeneration
      • Combined cycles
      • Biomass
      • Solar termal plants

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