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    Substation Automation

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Ingeteam's commitment to being at the technological forefront begins with its facilities, equipment and staff who are dedicated to designing, developing, simulating, manufacturing and testing our products.

A tangible example of this commitment is our communications laboratory completed in 2012.  Here, Ingeteam's various product ranges for automating electrical grids are subjected to integrated solution tests under controlled conditions similar to in the field and with communications networks similar to the ones installed and with real configurations.  The addition of this laboratory further assures the optimal functioning and integration of our systems.

Furthermore, Ingeteam has an RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) which performs analytical power network simulations and tests protective relay systems. This Real Time Digital Simulator uses Dommel algorithms,  similar to emtp-type programs which are not in real time. The RTDS combines the precision of digital models with the real-time response of analog simulators. 



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