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Wind Generators

At INDAR the validation of the machines before delivery is compulsory in order to provide our clients with a reliable product. INDAR has a test bench for the type and series tests carried out on all our wind power machines, guaranteeing the compliance with the quality standards.

All information generated during the tests is centralised and managed by an IT system which collects the parameters studied during the tests so that real instant readings can be obtained on the functioning of the machines. This makes it possible to gain a detailed understanding of the machine and its behaviour in all conditions, previously established depending on the working specifications and conditions required by the client.

Test Bench features
Aim Testing serial products once validated in the R&D test laboratory under full load conditions.
Testing capacity Up to 3 machines in paralell configuration.
Driving equipment
2 converters in LV configuration.
Crane capacity 63 Ton.
Measuring equipment
Megger, Insulation, HV test, Partial Discharges, Tanδ, Oscilloscopes (V, I, P, S, PF,…), Temperature measurement, Vibration & Sound.



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