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Hydro Generators

At INDAR, quality is non-negotiable. To ensure this, we are equipped with the most advanced testing technology in the sector, including the following installations:

  • A rotary electrical machine and power converter laboratory. This innovative laboratory together with our highly-qualified RDI department, enables us to develop new products using in-house technology and to flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients.
  • Six test benches for series and type tests performed on all of the machines in our standard range. All information generated during the tests is centralised and managed by an IT system which collects the parameters studied during the tests so that real instant readings can be obtained on the functioning of the machines. This makes it possible to gain a detailed understanding of the machine and its behaviour in all conditions, previously established depending on the working specifications and conditions required by the client.

The results obtained during tests are the basis for a process of optimisation, validation and adaptation of INDAR products to different applications and working conditions.

The main features of the R&D test bench are also to be noted, since that it is the place where new machine developments are performed and validated for air, hydro, industry and marine applications, among others.

RDI laboratory
200m2 installation raised on a floor with a seismic mass of 1600 t.
Total lifting capacity (by cranes) of up to 126 t.
Tests at full load up to 8 MW.
Back to back configuration up to 65 MW.
Testing capacity in LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through).
Thermal insulation and electrical combined tests.
Auto-generated mains of 50/60 Hz to 20 MVA.
Climatic chamber (-30ºC to 80ºC) for extreme environmental conditions.


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