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Hydro Generators

INDAR has its own service aimed at the rehabilitation and repowering of existing generators. INDAR has its own resources, which are vital when facing these types of projects: own windings manufacturing, Roebel bars, magnetic sheet precision stamping, Indar bearings manufacturing, etc.

The rehabilitation service mainly consists in upgrading hydro generators of equipment manufactured by Indar or third parties, with the following features:

• Powers of up to 150 MVA
• Insulation type H, IP23 to IP56
• Water or air cooling
• Voltages of up to 15 kV 

Given the high technical capacities available and the highly experience staff within our team, INDAR is offering its customers the possibility of repowering existing generators in the market. This is possible by the re-design of generator  active parts, increasing thus efficiency and output.

Indar provides an important added value to the machines by means of integral electric calculations and mechanical calculations for new torque conditions, as well as finite element calculations.

Thanks to its own service centres and the approved centres, this service is available in the whole continent of Asia (through the service hubs in Taiwan, the Philippines and China, P.R.C.), Europe (Spain, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Bulgary) and America (US, Colombia, Brazil and Chile).


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