• Marine propulsion

    Marine propulsion

The Ingeteam Group manufactures all types of motors, alternating as well as direct current motors, required for the drives installed on board of the vessels, especially those used for electric propulsión and manufactured under the Indar brand.

For the past fifty years, the shipping industry has put to test and evaluated the robustness of the machines manufactured by Indar  Over this period, Indar has become renowned and gained prestige in the market for the reliability of its machines, which are exposed to the most adverse operating conditions.

This extensive experience in the supply of machines for all types of vessels, fishing-boats, oceanographic vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, ferries, dredgers, etc., demonstrates the trust that shipowners and shipyards have deposited in our equipment. 

With their modular design these machines can be fully customized to suit the specifications of our customers, shipowners and shipyards, enabling us to offer highly reliable motors, which are easy to maintain.

• Synchronous or asynchronous motors designed to cover power ranges from 400 kW to 15,000 MW and voltage ranges from 690 Vac to 15 kVac. Available in the horizontal and vertical construction variants. Different protection and cooling levels. Fed by converters. These motors are used in the main electric propulsions or in auxiliary bow and stern propulsions, pump drives, deck equipment, etc.

• Direct Current Motors, with power ranges from 400 kW to 4,000 MW. With extremely precise speed regulation, based on state-of-the-art converters. These motors are used in fishing machinery and propulsions with low noise emissions (especially designed for oceanographic vessels).

• Submersible, oil or air-filled motors used in dredging vessels and designed to work at depths of up to 1,000 meters. Designed to cover power ranges from 1,000 kW to 10 MW and voltage ranges from 690 V to 15 kVac.

• Compliant with the requisites of the main international standards (IEC, NEMA VDE) and classifications societies (BV, LR, DNV, GL, ABS, etc.).

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