• Electric Plants

    Electric Plants

Our products are especially designed for application in the marine sector.  By working in close collaboration with the manufacturers of diesel motors we are able to cater for the specific technical needs of each vessel, shipyard or shipowner

The vast range of available products covers all the needs of electrical drives, installed on board, regardless of the type of vessel.

With the modular design of our generators we can supply customized generators that best meet the specific needs of each client and within short delivery periods.

The power ranges available in synchronous generators vary from 1,250 kVA to 35,000 kVA, with 690 Vac to 15 kVac voltage ranges. 
Our generators can be coupled to any type of motor (low-, medium- and high-speed).

High capacity to withstand the overloads and vibrations generated by drives.

High performance.

The mechanical design, protection level and type of cooling are studied individually to ensure there are compliant with the specifications of the shipowner/shipyard. 

Air- or water-cooled, open- or closed-architecture, with brushes or brushless, with or without PMG.

Equipped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators). Generators are designed and manufactured according to the main international standards(IEC, NEMA VDE) and classifications societies (BV, LR, DNV, GL, ABS, etc.).

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