• Electrical assemblies in HV and LV

    Electrical assemblies in HV and LV

Electrical installations and assemblies BUILDING AND INFRASTRUCTURES

The experience in this sector, allows Pine to offer global solutions in the areas of industrial and residential building, infrastructures and construction.    
      • Electrical installations in medium voltage and low voltage. 
      • Development of projects, legalization of installations and transactions with companies of
        electrical distribution.
      • Lighting projects and energy efficiency.
      • Telecommunications, voice and data.
      • Home automation.
      • CCTV and PA. 

To develop these activities, Pine has a team with more than 30 years of experience in installations for residential and tertiary use:
      • Hotels
      • Industrial blocks
      • Office buildings and schools.
      • Shopping centres.
      • Sport centres.
      • Nursing homes.
      • Hospitals.
      • Banks.
      • Housing
      • Public lighting.
      • Car parks.

This department also carries out maintenance works and works of adaptation of old buildings and unique buildings, as well as special installations such as mobile stages in theatres, concert halls or the pharmaceutical industry.

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