• Electrical assemblies in HV and LV

    Electrical assemblies in HV and LV

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Electrical installations and assemblies in Industry

Pine Instalaciones y Montajes is a leading company in electrical assemblies, movings, traslados, renovations and enlargement in high voltage and low voltage, of industrial processes which required a great amount of equipment and specialized manpower. 

Assembly and electrical connection to process, industrial substations, transformation and distribution centres in industrial plants, electrical rooms, control rooms, racks of electrical cable trays,support structures, etc.

Iron and steel

The iron and steel dossier of Pine Instalaciones y Montajes S.A., includes more than 100 projects that embraces, from complete electrical assemblies of new installations to specific electrical assemblies of any component in several production lines:
      • Blast furnaces.
      • Melting furnaces. 
      • Continuous casting units.
      • Rolling mills and coil winders. 
      • Evacuation units.
      • Rolling mills in cold for flat steel
      • Packaging lines of profiles and bars.
      • Coating lines (galvanized, tinplated , painted…).
      • Auxiliary lines (inspection, cutting, cleaning…).

Pine Instalaciones y Montajes S.A. carries out the electromechanical-corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and proactive maintenance of the aforementioned production lines. 


Pine Instalaciones y Montajes S.A. carries out assemblies and complete installations in petrochemical plants, in addition to specific works which may include: 
      • Complete plants.
      • Firefighting systems.
      • Wastewater treatments.
      • Distribution centres of MV.
      • Cooling systems.
      • Emergency power.
      • Alarm centralization  systems 
      • Lighting


Pine Instalaciones y Montajes S.A. also accomplishes works of installation, assembly and electrical maintenance in:  
      • Desalting plants.
      • Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP).
      • Drinking water treatment plants.
      • Water pumping plants.
      • Purifying systems of fumes and gases.
      • Treatment plants for urban waste.
      • Treatment plants for industrial waste

Miscellaneous industries 

Engineering works, supply, installation, assembly and maintenance are also performed in other areas: 

      • Food industries.
      • Aluminium production.
      • Glass.
      • Cement.
      • Paper and cellulose Industry.

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