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Mechanical completion

The Mechanical Completion phase includes all the verifications of the equipment manufacture and installation.

The main activities to carry out in each discipline are:

  • Mechanical

Visual inspection of the complete and correct installation, internal inspection of tanks and equipments under pressure, alignment, hoisting and loading equipment, hot oil flushing, bolt tensioning, dimensional control or preservation.

  • Electrical

Visual inspection of the complete and correct installation, continuity and insulation measurement of cables, insulation test for generators, transformers and motors, switchboards and electric cabinets, grounding/ earthing system, breaker checks and any control device, load and start up UPS batteries, lighting and lightning checks and cables traces and routing, etc.

  • Instrumentation and Telecommunications

Calibration and tests of the instruments before being installed, visual inspection for the correct completion of the installation, cable continuity and isolation, cleaning, flushing and leak test for pneumatic and hydraulic piping, control setting, alarms and securities shutdowns verifications, loop test, logics and set points optimization, hot oil instrumentation piping, etc.

Thanks to the iteamPCS, each equipment is associated with the verification sheets that should be filled in the diverse disciplines. This verification sheets, also called MCCR (Mechanical Completion Check Records) are included in the iteamPCS software and they contain all the tasks to be carried out. Due to this control, you can follow the progress status and the punch list to close.


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