• Steel Plants

    Steel Plants

Process Lines are installations used for surface and/or thermal treatment of strips of steel, aluminum, copper, etc. These treatments are required to regenerate the internal structure, improve finishing and reach dimensional tolerances. The general term Process Lines includes several installations. Some of these are:

• EGL (Electrogalvanizing Lines and electrolytic coating processes). 
• CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Lines and dip-coating processes). 
• PL (Pickling lines and other chemical processes). 
 CL (Painting and organic coating lines). 
• AL (Annealing lines and other thermal processes).

Ingeteam Industry has been designing systems and applying solutions, for the automation and control of Continuous Process Lines, for many years. These solutions are directed at reducing maintenance and operating costs and, subsequently, improve manufacturing outputs aimed at obtaining a better quality product. The following “turnkey” solutions are aimed at attaining said objectives:

• Complete electrical equipment, medium voltage switchgear, transformers, motors, motor control centres, control desks and control panels, field devices, etc.

• Basic Automation Level 1, comprising control PLC systems and operation and display HMI’s in local and global topology networks (Ethernet). 

• Level 2 process automation

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