IS STORAGE PowerMax U (1000V/1500V)

IS STORAGE PowerMax U (1000V/1500V)

The new INGECON SUN STORAGE PowerMax battery inverters are UL9540 and UL1741 compliant. This inverter family features two different series:

  • 1,000Vdc: Up to 1,110 kVA.
  • 1,500Vdc: Up to 1,640 kVA.

Each inverter is dedicated to an energy storage system (ESS). The inverter delivers direct current (DC) to the batteries for charging purposes whilst it feeds alternating current (AC) into the grid when it discharges the ESS. The battery inverter either delivers or absorbs the power required to ensure that the overall plant power is controlled. The equipment can change from charging to discharging the batteries in less than half of a second.

Operating modes

Ingeteam's B Series INGECON SUN STORAGE battery inverters feature a wide range of operating modes:

- Stand alone

- Grid connected:

  • Self-consumption
  • Grid Support:
    • On-Demand Production
    • Ramp Rate Control
    • Fast Frequency Regulation
    • Active Power Reserve
    • Energy Time Shifting
    • Peak Shaving
    • Digital Q Compensation
    • Power Factor Control
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation
    • Voltage Droop Control
    • Power Oscilations Damping
    • Black-Start Capability

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