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    36 GW installed throughout the world

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Under the INGESYS® CMS name, Ingeteam offers wind turbine preventive control systems, making full use of all the know-how acquired during the company's more than 15 years of leadership in the wind power sector. Based on our experience in wind farm operation and maintenance and our technological development in the electronics sector, we have designed a CMS system which is fully tailored to suit your requirements.

  • The system offers predictive maintenance functions, directed at increased equipment availability, and also allows users to program preventive maintenance tasks.
  • The INGESYS® CMS design allows it to be easily integrated into new or already existing systems.
  • The INGESYS® CMS predictive control system provides remote access to view the equipment status.
The system highlights are:
  • Modular system
  • Remote configuration
  • Automatic status report generation
  • Supervision of the status of the metering components
  • Real time vibrations analysis
  • Storage of operating conditions
  • Advanced log alerts and alarms


Ingeteam的INGESYS® CMS风机预防性控制系统,充分运用专有技术,取得15年风电行业的领先地位。基于我们在风场运营、维护的经验以及在电力领域技术的发展,我们成功开发了CMS 系统,此系统为定制化,可完全满足您的需求。

  • 系统具有定期检修功能,用于增强的设备利用率;同时用户可预编定期检修任务程序。
  • INGESYS® CMS 设计允许其可轻松融入新的或现存的系统。
  • The INGESYS® CMS 预防性控制系统可远程进入查看设备状态。


  • 模块化系统
  • 远程配置
  • 状态报告的自动生成  
  • 计量零件的状态监控
  • 实时震动分析
  • 运行状态的存储
  • 先进的记录警报和提醒

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