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    Steel Plants

Electrical and automation systems for rolling mills

The rolling applications covered by Ingeteam, are the following:

Rolling mills with one or several stands (Cluster and Sendzimir mills), line and continuous tandem mills, reversible and non-reversible reduction, skin-pass (temper mill), double cold reduction (DCR) and rolling of sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, for a vast range of final products.   The task of the rolling model is to provide the adequate configuration values at level 1 of the open control system. The main objectives of the pre-adjustment model are:

 -Optimization of the strip quality regarding length, surface and flatness out of tolerance.
 -Production optimization by increasing feeding rates, maximum acceleration and speed.
 -Guarantee that all preset values remain within the limits configured for the material and the mill.
 -Avoid strip breakdowns, marks produced by the rollers and feeding stops. 
 -Configuration of steady rolling conditions.       

Scope of supply

Electrical equipment: includes medium voltage switchgear, transformers, variable speed drives for alternating and direct current and corresponding motors, motor control centers, field sensors and actuators, control panels and control desks, etc. 

Basic automation Level 1: including programmable automation units (PLCs), operation and monitoring (HMIs) SCADA systems, in centralized or distributed topology, interconnected via field bus and local area networks (LAN). 

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